• Early Detection of Infection Chains & Outbreaks: Use Case Infection Control.

      Sargeant, A; von Landesberger, T; Baier, C; Bange, F; Dalpke, A; Eckmanns, T; Glöckner, S; Kaase, M; Krause, G; Marschollek, M; et al. (IOS Press, 2019-01-01)
      Within the HiGHmed Project there are three medical use cases. The use cases include the scopes cardiology, oncology and infection. They serve to specify the requirements for the development and implementation of a local and federated platform, with the result that data from medical care and research should be retrievable, reusable and interchangeable. The Use Case Infection Control aims to establish an early detection of transmission events as well as clusters and outbreaks of various pathogens. Therefore the use case wants to establish the smart infection control system (SmICS).