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      Antibiotic; Antibiotics; Anticancer; Anticancer activities; Anticancer activity; Antiproliferative; antitumor activity; Apoptosis; Archaea; B; Bacillus; Bacterial; Biochemistry; Biology; biosynthesis; Biosynthesis gene cluster; Biosynthetic pathway; Biotechnology; Cancer; Catalytic mechanism; cell; Cell Line; Cell lines; Cells; chemistry; class III; Cloning; Cysteine; Cysteine protease; Cytotoxic; D-amino acid; Decarboxylase; Decarboxylation; dehydration; Development; downstream processing; enzyme; Enzymes; enzymology; Export; Expression; Family; funding; Future prospects; gene; gene cluster; Genome; Genome mining; Genome-mining; Germany; Heterologous expression; hidden Markov model; Histidine; history; In Vitro; In-Vitro; Infection; Inhibitor; Inhibitors; integration; Lanthipeptide; Lanthipeptides; lantibiotic; learning; Libraries; library; lipopeptide; Lipopeptides; machine; Machine learning; macrocyclization; Macrophage; Macrophage polarization; Mass Spectrometry; Mass-spectrometry; Mechanism; Mechanism of action; Metabolism; Metabolomics; methods; mining; Model; Molecular mechanism; natural product; Natural Products; Nomenclature; Novel; Order of reaction; Pathway engineering; peptide; Peptide Library; Peptide natural products; Peptides; Pharmaceutical research; Pharmacological target; phosphotransferase; polarization; Post-translational modification; post-translational modifications; Potent activity; prediction; Promiscuity; protease; Proteases; Protein; protein structure; Proteins; Recommendation; Reconstitution; research; Residues; ribosomally synthesized and post translationally modified peptide; RiPPs; Selectivity; Sequence; Sequence Homology; Serine; Spectrometry; Streptomyces; Structural basis; structural biology; Structure; Structure prediction; substrate; Substrate Specificity; Substrates; Suzuki; synthetase; thioamide; Thioamides; thioholgamide A; Thiopeptide; thioviridamide; Untargeted metabolomics; utilization [1]
      antimalarial agents [1]
      biological activity [1]
      complex structures [1]
      cyanobacteria [1]
      CYP121 [1]
      leishmaniosis [1]
      macrolide [1]
      malaria [1]
      Mycobacterium tuberculosis [1]
      natural products [1]
      structure-activity relationships [1]