• Contiguous Quaternary Carbons: A Selection of Total Syntheses.

      Eggert, Alina; Etling, Christoph; Lübken, Dennis; Saxarra, Marius; Kalesse, Markus (2020-08-24)
      Contiguous quaternary carbons in terpene natural products remain a major challenge in total synthesis. Synthetic strategies to overcome this challenge will be a pivotal prerequisite to the medicinal application of natural products and their analogs or derivatives. In this review, we cover syntheses of natural products that exhibit a dense assembly of quaternary carbons and whose syntheses were uncompleted until recently. While discussing their syntheses, we not only cover the most recent total syntheses but also provide an update on the status quo of modern syntheses of complex natural products. Herein, we review (±)-canataxpropellane, (+)-waihoensene, (-)-illisimonin A and (±)-11-O-debenzoyltashironin as prominent examples of natural products bearing contiguous quaternary carbons.
    • Tris(acetylacetonato) Iron(III): Recent Developments and Synthetic Applications

      Lübken, Dennis; Saxarra, Marius; Kalesse, Markus; HZI,Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung GmbH, Inhoffenstr. 7,38124 Braunschweig, Germany. (Thieme, 2018-11-27)
      Tris(acetylacetonato) iron(III) [Fe(acac)3] is an indispensable reagent in synthetic chemistry. Its applications range from hydrogen atom transfer to cross-coupling reactions and to use as a Lewis acid. Consequently, the exceptional utility of Fe(acac)3 has been demonstrated in several total syntheses. This short review summarizes the applications of Fe(acac)3 in methodology and catalysis and highlights its use for the synthesis of medicinally relevant structures and in natural product syntheses.