• New insights into the bacterial RNA polymerase inhibitor CBR703 as a starting point for optimization as an anti-infective agent.

      Zhu, Weixing; Haupenthal, Jörg; Groh, Matthias; Fountain, Michelle; Hartmann, Rolf W (2014-07)
      CBR703 was reported to inhibit bacterial RNA polymerase (RNAP) and biofilm formation, considering it to be a good candidate for further optimization. While synthesized derivatives of CBR703 did not result in more-active RNAP inhibitors, we observed promising antibacterial activities. These again correlated with a significant cytotoxicity toward mammalian cells. Furthermore, we suspect the promising effects on biofilm formation to be artifacts. Consequently, this class of compounds can be considered unattractive as antibacterial agents.