• Generation of human antigen-specific monoclonal IgM antibodies using vaccinated "human immune system" mice.

      Becker, Pablo D; Legrand, Nicolas; van Geelen, Caroline M M; Noerder, Miriam; Huntington, Nicholas D; Lim, Annick; Yasuda, Etsuko; Diehl, Sean A; Scheeren, Ferenc A; Ott, Michael; et al. (2010)
      Passive transfer of antibodies not only provides immediate short-term protection against disease, but also can be exploited as a therapeutic tool. However, the 'humanization' of murine monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) is a time-consuming and expensive process that has the inherent drawback of potentially altering antigenic specificity and/or affinity. The immortalization of human B cells represents an alternative for obtaining human mAbs, but relies on the availability of biological samples from vaccinated individuals or convalescent patients. In this work we describe a novel approach to generate fully human mAbs by combining a humanized mouse model with a new B cell immortalization technique.