• Formation, Location, and Regulation of Endo-1,4-beta-Glucanases and beta-Glucosidases from Cellulomonas uda.

      Stoppok, W; Rapp, P; Wagner, F; Gesellschaft fur Biotechnologische Forschung mbH, D-38124 Braunschweig, Germany. (1982-07)
      The formation and location of endo-1,4-beta-glucanases and beta-glucosidases were studied in cultures of Cellulomonas uda grown on microcrystalline cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose, printed newspaper, and some mono- or disaccharides. Endo-1,4-Glucanases were found to be extracellular, but a very small amount of cell-bound endo-1,4-beta-glucanase was considered to be the basal endoglucanase level of the cells. The formation of extracellular endo-1,4-beta-glucanases was induced by cellobiose and repressed by glucose. Extracellular endoglucanase activity was inhibited by cellobiose but not by glucose. beta-Glucosidases, on the other hand, were formed constitutively and found to be cell bound. beta-Glucosidase activity was inhibited noncompetitively by glucose. Some characteristics such as the optimal pH for and the thermostability of the endoglucanases and beta-glucosidases and the end products of cellulose degradation were determined.