• Urinary collagen fragments are significantly altered in diabetes: a link to pathophysiology.

      Maahs, David M; Siwy, Justyna; Argilés, Angel; Cerna, Marie; Delles, Christian; Dominiczak, Anna F; Gayrard, Nathalie; Iphöfer, Alexander; Jänsch, Lothar; Jerums, George; et al. (2010)
      The pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus (DM) is variable, comprising different inflammatory and immune responses. Proteome analysis holds the promise of delivering insight into the pathophysiological changes associated with diabetes. Recently, we identified and validated urinary proteomics biomarkers for diabetes. Based on these initial findings, we aimed to further validate urinary proteomics biomarkers specific for diabetes in general, and particularity associated with either type 1 (T1D) or type 2 diabetes (T2D).