• Identification of new acceptor specificities of glycosyltransferase R with the aid of substrate microarrays.

      Seibel, Jürgen; Hellmuth, Hendrik; Hofer, Bernd; Kicinska, Anna-Maria; Schmalbruch, Bodo (2006-02-01)
      Finding opportunities to construct sugar motifs and to transfer them to targets of biological relevance and rapid identification of glycosylation events are important goals for glycobiology and a field of increasing interest. Here we have applied an enzyme microarray screening system for the identification of new acceptor specificities of the glycosyltransferase R (GTFR) from Streptococcus oralis (E.C., which was able to effect the synthesis of sugar motifs in short times and with low amounts of substrate. These observations resulted in the development of a convenient alpha-glycosylation by the non-Leloir glycosyltransferase GTFR, with sucrose as substrate and with different alcohols and amino acid derivatives as acceptors, for the synthesis of glycoethers and glycosylated amino acids not observed with the use of familiar GTFs with high sequence homology.