Repository Contacts


The HZI Open Repository is provided and operated by the

Library of the Helmholtz Centre for infection research (HZI)


Inhoffenstr. 7

38124 Braunschweig

eMail: bibliothek{at}


General Administration:

Axel Plähn, head of the library

eMail: axel.plaehn{at}


Content structure and administration:

Dr. Roland Weller, head of the library (deputy)

eMail: roland.weller{at}


If you have any further questions or specific requests please let us know.


Additional information

How we support OpenAccess is described in our library portal’s page OpenAccess

If you have general questions regarding the HZIOpenRepository please have look into the Quick guide "Getting started"

Concerning the covered content and the metadata and data included please have a look into our repository’s Policy