Getting started

  • Welcome

    If you are new to this repository or if you wish to check something, these quick guides will introduce you to its core functions and assist you with finding and submitting content as well as personalising and navigating the site.

  • What is HZI Open Repository?

    This is the institutional repository of HZI (Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research)

    Whilst all the scientific output (publications) are listed in the HZI publication database the HZI Open Repository is filled with only those publications which are either Open Access or the publisher allows archiving of the publisher's PDF alternatively the final submitted manuscript (postprint). For more information about the filling of this digital Open Access archive please see the HZI library's workflow. Moreover, freely accessible publications are linked to respective records in the HZI publication database.

    It is intended to capture, store and preserve our research output and to make it available to the research community, that means the HZI Open Repository's administrator, HZI library, supports Open Access (general information and details how HZI Library supports Open Access can be found at the library portal's page "Open Access").

  • How is it organized?

    This repository is organised into a hierarchical structure of communities, sub-communities and collections (intended to correspond to our organizational hierarchy):

    Communities represent the top layer, which could reflect top-level departments, centres or even smaller institutions within a parent company or consortium.
    Sub-communities are a further division of the community (- each one of the sub-communities has their own collection that contain the works of this specific research group)
    Collections are therefore groups of related documents

    For example, one of these communities is Dept. Structure and function of proteins (SFPR) which has a collection publications of the department structure and function of proteins (SFPR) and the sub-community of the Working group NMR-based structural chemistry (NBSC) which again has its own specific collection of Publications of the working group NMR-based structural chemistry (NBSC).

    As you see in the above-mentioned example each community, sub-community and collection has its own home page which can be customised with an individual logo and information about their work and will be able to decide its own policies towards access restrictions and at the collection level who will be allowed to be able to submit.

  • So what will you find here?

    You will find work submitted by both students and faculty relevant to their research output which we, HZI library, make available in Open Access (see details at library portal's page Open Access) whenever possible: pre- and post-print journal articles, technical reports, conference papers, datasets, and multi-media files.

    When you click on a link to a submitted item you will be taken to the item view page which lists the key metadata for that item and links to the digital files. You might consider the item view page to be the abstract and the file itself to be the full text.

  • Do you need to register?

    Not initially. You can search, browse and read all unrestricted content without having to register. However if you want to submit an item, view restricted content or sign up for collection email alerts you will need to register, as you would with any site.

    Otherwise you can start searching for material within this repository immediately

If you have any further questions please contact us