Submitting content to HZI Open Repository

  • What type of content should we be submitting?

    Just send the manuscript after peer-review to us, HZI library, and everything else (including editing and enriching with metadata) will be done by us. The manuscript can be enriched with additional content (e.g. data sets)

  • What type of content can be part of HZI Open Repository?

    Institutional archives are often thought to be exclusively created for pre and post print research articles. However, whilst individual communities may have their own specific submission policies you should submit any of your research output that is relevant to your subject. This could include published articles, technical reports, conference papers, data sets, multi-media files and eventually theses.

  • Why should we submit our work to HZI Open Repository?

    Research has shown that work published in Open Access institutional repositories can gain up to 300% more citations than research published in journals that limit access through paid for subscriptions. That means increased exposure to your work and all the benefits that come with it. Increasingly, more research funding bodies are insisting that work carried out under their grants must also be deposited within an institutional or subject specific repository.

  • How do we submit?

    You first need to ask an administrator of HZI Open Repository (see contact) to give you permission to submit to a particular collection or collections. Then, using the submit links from the navigation bar or from the collection homepage follow the steps: add descriptive metadata, upload the file, check the submission and agree to the distribution license.

    There is an additional option to automatically populate some of the metadata using a PubMed ID or a DOI. At page 2 of "Submit an Item" it is possible to add the ORCID ID in the section "authors" (empty input field behind the input field for the author's name)

  • How much metadata should we add?

    As much as possible: the more metadata you add, the greater are the chances to find your work. However, the only compulsory field is title.

  • How do we know if we are allowed to submit an article that has been previously published?

    Publisher policies for self-archiving are listed on SHERPA/Romeo (also linked to from the first page of the submission form of "Submit an Item"). When in doubt, always archive your pre-print version or ask the administrators of HZI Open Repository.

  • Is there any restriction on what files can be uploaded?

    HZI Open Repository can accept any type of file, including HTML files. The administrators of HZI Open Repository will inform you of any specific restrictions.

  • Will my submission appear immediately?

    Some collections will have a review workflow where an editor will check your submission before it enters the archive. Otherwise your submission will enter the archive as soon as you have agreed to the distribution license.


    An item's metadata is available for searching immediately, the full text will be indexed over-night and will be available to be searched the following morning.